Mekong Svan invites you to visit ecological garden for a day of learning and exploration or stay with us in paradise for a week of authentic cultural immersion on the Mekong River. Explore all of our tour packages below to find the perfect fit for you.

Tour Packages

Organic Lunch Picnic

Join us for a meal made with freshly harvested organic produce grown along the banks of the mighty Mekong River. Taste the difference of sustainable agro-ecologically grown food. It will be prepared using traditional Laotian techniques and enjoyed in the environment from which it grew. The lunch picnic will include:

  • Self-guided tour of Mekong Eden Farm
  • Beautiful views of the Mekong River
  • Selections from our healthy Lao-fusion Menu (See menu options here)
  • Prices are based on number of guests
    • 1 person – 150,000 kip
    • 2 person – 140,000 kip per person
    • 3-4 person – 130,000 kip per person
    • 5-8 person – 120,000 kip per person
    • 9-14 person – 110,000 kip per person
    • 15-20 person – 100,000 kip per person

Agro-Ecology Educational Tour

An educational exploration of Mekong Eden Farm guided by knowledgeable staff. Learn about the importance of sustainable agro-ecological practices in farming and how this environmental awareness can benefit the local economy. Combine this tour with the Organic Lunch Picnic and you have yourself an authentic experience with Laotian entrepreneurship aimed to support rural farmers. This Argo-Ecology Education Tour includes:

  • Knowledgable staff to answer all of your questions
  • Introduction to the sustainable food ecosystems
  • Understand how MEF empowers local farmers
  • Prices are based on number of guests
    • 1 person – 80,000 kip
    • 2 person – 70,000 kip per person
    • 3-4 person – 60,000 kip per person
    • 5-10 person – 50,000 kip per person
    • 10+ person – 40,000 kip per person


A homestay on Mekong Eden Farm is an immersion into the local community. The experience will illuminate how we are educating and working together with rural communities to advance sustainable farming practices for improved economic return for agribusiness entrepreneurs. Guests are welcomed to join the day’s work on the farm or relax on the beach – Create your own experience in paradise. This package is flexible to your interests and includes:

  • Private bamboo bungalow with a spectacular views of the Mekong River at sunset
  • An experience with sustainable agribusiness entrepreneurship with locals
  • All Meals which are harvested from the farm and prepared together
  • Prices are based on couple though individuals are welcome
    • Prices


Our beautiful homestay at Mekong Eden Farm is located 50 minutes South of Luang Prabang City and only accessible by the Mekong River. Enjoy a scenic ride on our boat and escape the busy city life. We look forward to welcoming you aboard.


Get involved with our sustainable farming projects by volunteering your time at our slice of paradise on the Mekong River. Use your hands and your heart to support our efforts in teaching rural farmers about agro-ecological farming to help them establish more successful agribusiness. We ask volunteers to commit to at least one week with us at the farm. Please reach out with any inquiries or if you are interested in joining our cause.

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