The garden of agro-biodiversity

How it started

Our little piece of paradise at Mekong River was once just a small vegetable patch…

Today, Mekong Eden Farm is a diverse eco-farm, counting 4 hectares of land, two farm sites, while being a renowned tourist destination for those who look for unique and authentic experiences. 

Our farm is a community based organization that was formed to empower rural villages outside of Luangprabrang Town. Our goal is to help local communites through environmental education regarding sustainable agricultural practices.

The word spread. More and more tourists heard about this project and wanted to take part in it. We started offering visits, guided tours and organic picnics at our beautiful Garden of Eden. 

Some were interested in staying, learning and actively helping at the farm. We started hosting guests at our off-grid jungle farmstay, a unique place to stay far away from the touristic crowd and to experience self-sufficient farming lifestyle.

Be a part of the Mekong Eden Farm Family by visiting us for lunch or a farmstay or support our community initiatives. Explore all our tour packages here.

What we stand for

With support from ALACI, Mekong Eden Farm’s goal is to link ecology, culture, economics, and society together to sustain agricultural production, create viable food and form healthy environments.

Our vision is fueled by the belief in providing hands-on agro-ecological education to rural communities to empower their lives by setting long term goals to achieve sustainable development.

Our mission is to provide a learning community that promotes environmentally conscious ago-ecological practices and create economic incentives through agribusiness.

Our core values:

  • Empowerment – We exist to give power to rural communities by leading them to self-sufficiency.
  • Sustainability – All of our work is performed with an emphasis on being eco-friendly and environmentally responsible.
  • Innovation – We strive to be progressive thinkers and to come up with effective solutions to the problems faced by local highland communities.
  • Integrity – Our work is done to be ethical and honest; it is rooted in altruism and meant to provide sustainable benefits to the communities we serve.
  • Cooperation – We value working together as a team to achieve our goals and ambitions. All of our work cannot be done alone, but must be accomplished through collaboration.

What we do

  • Aid rural communities through developing individualized action plans.
  • Implement sustainable agro-ecological practices.
  • Introduce Climate-Smart Agriculture to combat the effects of climate change.
  • Research and development related to agro-ecology.
  • Ensure food security.
  • Provide education about nutrition and health care.
  • Create economic opportunities for otherwise at-risk youth to learn and generate income.
  • Educate vulnerable communities about environmental sustainability awareness.
  • Encourage urban communities to be concerned with ago-ecological farming and locally sourced food.

Get involved!

Do you look for an authentic and local experience during your time in Laos? 

Get involved with our sustainable farming projects by volunteering at our slice of paradise on the Mekong River. Volunteers will get to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to work very closely with Lao local people in our project site at our Mekong Eden Farm. Become part of our project that aims to conserve rich edible biodiversity of Laos.

Use your hands and your heart to support our efforts in teaching rural farmers about agro-ecological farming to help them establish more successful agribusiness. We ask volunteers to commit to at least one week with us at the farm.

Please reach out to us if you are interested in joining our project!

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